CRISMA Clinical Research Biospecimen Core Laboratory

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The CRISMA Clinical Research and Biospecimen Core Laboratory (CRBC Lab) specializes in receiving, processing, biobanking, and distributing biospecimens. The CRBC Lab offers a range of additional services from assistance with initial experimental design, inventory monitoring, and biomarker testing utilizing various platforms. CRBC Lab technicians have extensive experience supporting multiple projects from multicenter NIH-funded clinical trials to pilot studies. 

  • Kelly Urbanek, Assistant Director, Lab Operations
  • Michael Muir, Lab Technician

Design and Consultation

  • Assistance with experimental design
  • Budget development and provision of language required for grant proposals
  • Collaboration with other CRISMA Cores to develop robust consenting practices, data collection, and follow-up methods

Specimen Collection

  • Compilation and distribution of collection kits to internal and external sites
  • Receiving biospecimens from internal and external sites
  • Procurement of recently collected, unprocessed clinical samples from internal sites

Specimen Processing and Specimen Biobanking

  • Processing and aliquoting biospecimens
  • Labeling biospecimens for accurate record keeping
  • Biobanking biospecimens
  • Biospecimen lifecycle management
  • Biospecimen preparation and delivery to internal sites/shipment to external sites

Biomarker Testing and Secondary Sample Processing

  • Quantification of various analytes utilizing various platforms (Luminex, ELLA, ELISA, Nephrocheck)
  • DNA isolation and quantification

For more information about using the CRISMA CRBC Lab, contact Kelly Urbanek or Ali Smith-Scott.