Chair of Critical Care Medicine Calls for a Bold Approach to Fight Sepsis

In a 'First Opinion' op-ed for STAT News, internationally recognized sepsis expert Derek Angus, MD, MPH, calls for a bold approach to fight and combat sepsis. Noting that the sepsis infection kills as many Americans each year as stroke and Alzheimer's combined, Dr. Angus suggests three approaches for how to "solve sepsis."  He says we need:

  • Better methods to identify sepsis early and accurately.
  • Better treatments and strategies to care for patients, not just newer antibiotics.
  • Better ways to help and treat sepsis survivors.

Read the op-ed "Current efforts to fight sepsis aren't working. We need a bolder approach" here.

Distinguished Professor Derek Angus, MD, MPH, FRCP is the Mitchell P. Fink Chair of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also an appointed council member of the International Sepsis Forum, an international collaboration formed to reduce the global burden of morbidity and mortality from sepsis.