Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS, Received R35 Award

Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS, is the first CCM faculty member to receive an Outstanding Investigator Award—known as an R35 award—from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health. His R35, entitled “Organizational strategies for improving evidence-uptake in Intensive care,” provides seven years of stable, flexible funding to support a series of research projects surrounding implementation science.

The purpose of an Outstanding Investigator Award is to provide an investigator with increased freedom to conduct research that breaks new ground or extends previous discoveries in new directions. This will allow Dr. Kahn to take greater risks and pursue research over a longer timeframe.

Dr. Kahn explained that in recent decades multiple high-profile clinical trials have provided a rigorous evidence base for the care of patients with acute respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Yet many patients still do not receive these evidence-based treatments proven to save lives.

His R35 research program aims to address this disconnect by defining the relationship between ICU organizational behavior and evidence-uptake in critical care. Drawing off the rapidly evolving fields of organizational psychology, decision science, and biomedical informatics, he and his team will broadly investigate the ways in which the interactive behaviors of the ICU team members can both facilitate and hinder efficient translation of evidence into practice.

He will pursue three integrated and complimentary lines of research:

  • Developing and refining novel strategies for measuring critical care performance
  • Investigating the role of collective intelligence and transactive memory as key sociological mediators of evidence-uptake in critical care
  • Improving the value of novel decisional support tools such as checklists and electronic prompting for the use of evidence-based practice

The research team will leverage existing collaborations with state and regional health systems to provide hospitals and clinicians with innovative tools for improving critical care performance on a national scale. These tools will directly lead to improved outcomes for patients with acute respiratory failure and other forms of critical illness.

Dr. Kahn is a physician-scientist with over 15 years’ experience studying the link between ICU organization and outcome for patients with critical illness. He is Director of the Health Policy and Management Program within the Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illness (CRISMA) Center. Team members of the Health Policy and Management Program are:

Faculty:  Derek Angus, MD, MPH, David Wallace, MD, MPH, and Ian Barbash, MD, MSCE

Affiliated Faculty: Tina Batra Hershey, JD, MPH, Grant Martsolf, RN, PhD

Program Staff:  Billie Davis, PhD, Kimberly Rak, PhD, Laura Liotus, MS, Erin Caplan and Olivia Mancing

Trainee:  Kristin Gigli, PhD, RN