Timothy Girard, MD, MSCI, Appointed Director of CRISMA

Associate Professor Timothy Girard, MD, MSCI, is appointed the Director of the Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illness (CRISMA) Center, succeeding Derek Angus, MD, MPH, who founded the center in 2001 and stepped down to lead the UPMC Office of Healthcare Innovation. The CRISMA Center is the world’s leading clinical and translational research group focused on critical illness.

Dr. Girard’s research seeks to understand and enhance long-term recovery from critical illness with focuses on delirium and cognitive impairment due to critical illness as well as liberation from mechanical ventilation focuses on prevention and treatment of delirium and cognitive impairment in critically ill patients. He has more than 150 publications, including original research articles in high-impact journals, such as The Lancet, JAMA, and The New England Journal of Medicine.

“Tim has been incredibly productive since he joined us four years ago from Vanderbilt University Medical Center,” said Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS, who is the Vice Chair for Research at the Department of Critical Care Medicine. “He has a solid reputation as a national and international expert in the cognitive effects of critical illness. We are incredibly lucky to have him taking on this leadership role.”

In 2016, Dr. Girard was recruited to the Department of Critical Care Medicine from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he had been a faculty member for nine years. He received his MD from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia, then moved to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and while there also completed a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation.

The CRISMA Center is an interdisciplinary research group focusing on clinical and translational research in critical illness. CRISMA is organized into five academic programs that serve as the locus for individual faculty, staff and trainees with the Center. These programs are:

  • Center for Critical Care Nephrology
  • Translational and Clinical Science
  • Ethics and Decision Making
  • Health Policy and Management
  • Systems Medicine

CRISMA is home to over 30 epidemiologists, biostatisticians, mathematicians and physician-scientists collaborating on multiple federally funded and industry-sponsored research projects.