CCM Faculty Renounce All-Male Scientific Panels

As part of an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, more than 30 faculty members of the Department of Critical Care Medicine renounced the lack of female representation on scientific panels by signing a pledge to not serve on all-male panels. They took the following pledge:

At public conferences, I will not serve on a panel, defined as a group of three or more brought together to discuss a scientific or clinical matter, unless there is at least one woman on the panel, not including the Chair.

The public statement accompanying the pledge stated: “The lack of diversity in scientific symposia, workshops, and expert panels is an enduring problem in academic medicine. In particular, the ongoing occurrence of all-male panels silences important voices and contributes to the lack of gender parity in the field.”

The statement added: “In addition, we will use our leadership positions to advocate for greater diversity in academic conferences, workshops, committees, research collaborations, and other opportunities for career advancement.”

The faculty members’ commitment includes not only gender diversity but also racial and ethnic diversity. Through these steps the department’s leadership hope to do their part in the journey towards equality in both academic critical care and the life sciences writ large.

See the full Public Statement and signatories.