Pitt Septic Shock Researchers Among World's Top 0.1%

Five faculty members in the Department of Critical Care Medicine have propelled the University of Pittsburgh to number three in the world, and first in the US, for institutions studying septic shock. The 2020 rankings, compiled by ExpertScape, identified chair and professor Derek Angus, MD, MPH as the seventh-most prolific septic shock investigator in the world based on his publications on the topic since 2010.

Joining Angus as top international experts in septic shock are:

Joseph Carcillo, MD, ranked 20th. He is a professor of Critical Care Medicine and Pediatrics and studies septic shock and multiple organ failure in children.

Michael Pinsky, MD, ranked 41st. In addition to septic shock, Dr. Pinsky’s research focuses on the effects of ventilation on cardiovascular function, hemodynamic monitoring, and machine learning in defining health and disease. He is a professor of Critical Care Medicine, Bioengineering, Anesthesiology, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Clinical & Translational Science.

John Kellum, MD, ranked 48th. He studies acute kidney injury—a complication often associated with sepsis and septic shock—and fluid, electrolyte and acid-based disorders in critical illness. Dr. Kellum is a professor of Critical Care Medicine, Medicine, Bioengineering, and Clinical & Translational Science.

Christopher Seymour, MD, MSc., ranked 51st. His academic interests include the early recognition of sepsis, phenotypes and endotypes of critical illness, as well as pre-recognition and management of critical illness. In September 2020, Dr. Seymour was appointed an associated editor of JAMA focused on critical care medicine. He is an associate professor of Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Angus’s research interests also include learning healthcare systems, organizational and delivery of critical care services, severe pneumonia and multisystem organ failure, and precision medicine. In June 2020, he was appointed chief healthcare innovation officer for UPMC. He is a Distinguished Professor of Critical Care Medicine, and professor of Medicine, Health Policy Management, and Clinical & Translational Science.

The United States is the top ranked country in the ExpertScape ranking and four US regions fill the top four regional slots: the US Eastern and Central zones, Mid-Atlantic and New England.

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