Fellow Career Development – Professional Tracks

Professional tracks (overall) – Initially developed in 2011, the professional tracks represent an important mechanism by which fellows, with the help of their mentors, guide their own advanced learning to become leaders in the field of Critical Care Medicine.  Whether fellows pursue general or specialty tracks, this structure is a way for our fellows to develop their own set of multifaceted professional skills and provide exceptional value to the discipline of Critical Care.

General Tracks

The general tracks include Research, Education, or Clinical Leadership.  These tracks approximate the professional pathways that intensivists can pursue as attending physicians.  The skills inherent to each of these tracks are essential professional skills that are foundational to success as a leader in Critical Care.

Research Track

The research track provides fellows with the formative experience necessary to become clinician investigators, including focused mentorship and formal education in clinical or translational research methods. This track is designed for fellows who may already know they are interested in an academic career focused on research, and also for fellows who wish to explore the opportunities and challenges that a career as a clinician-investigator may provide. To learn more about the Research Track: Click Here

Education Track

The education track is designed to provide fellows with the skills for programmatic leadership, curriculum development and assessment, and the dissemination of scholarship in the area of education.  This track features opportunities to hone teaching and feedback skills while also developing the tools to guide the future of medical education. To learn more about the Education Track: Click Here

Clinical Leadership Track

The clinical leadership track is designed to provide fellows with the skills to take on institutional leadership roles, including ICU director, QI Officer, and Chief Medical Officer.  This track features opportunities to develop knowledge of organizational, management, finance, quality improvement, and patient safety principles. To learn more about the Clinical Leadership Track: Click Here

Specialty Tracks

The skill sets pertaining to global health care delivery, point of care ultrasound, recovery from critical illness, and care of post-cardiac arrest patients have become increasingly popular and important in Critical Care.  The Specialty Tracks offer an opportunity to develop advanced skills and expertise while being mentored by the Department’s own content experts. 

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

Advanced training in POCUS customized to suit education, research, or clinical leadership career goals. To learn more about the Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Specialty Track: Click Here

Global Health

Provides the opportunity to experience and study healthcare systems in international and low-resource settings. To learn more about the Global Heath Specialty Track: Click Here

Critical Illness Recovery

Provides the unique opportunity to see patients in both the ICU and the outpatient setting, allowing a deeper understanding of long-term outcomes following critical illness.  This track features one of the few Critical Illness Recover Clinics (CIRC) in the country.

Post-Cardiac Arrest

Designed for fellows interested in caring for the post-cardiac arrest patient longitudinally from collapse through recovery.  This track features one of the foremost post-cardiac arrest services in the country.