ICU Rounding Checklists Need Improvement, Study Finds

A Study at UPMC Health System Confirms It's Time to Apply User-Centered Design to Checklists

"Checklists are still important, but not a 'one and done'," says Jeremy Kahn, MD, who presented a qualitative study of the perceptions of rounding checklists in the ICU at the UPMC Health System during the 2017 Critical Care Canada Forum.

Read Dr. Kahn's interview with Canadian healthcare insurer HIROC, in which he talks about the study as well as the problems with checklists, the usefulness of checklists, and rebuilding checklists so healthcare providers might use them.

Jeremy Kahn is the Director of Health Policy and Management at the CRISMA (Clinical Research Investigation and Systems Modeling of Acute Illness) Center and the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. The Forum was held in Toronto in October 2017.