Clinical Observership


International students and physicians seeking to observe critical care delivery at the University of Pittsburgh may apply for our Clinical Observership program. During the Clinical Observership participants will have the opportunity to interact with clinical teams at the point care, observing all aspects of critical care delivery in one of our state-of-the-art ICUs.

Observerships range in duration from two weeks to a maximum of two months, during which participants will have the opportunity to observe patient care related to cardiothoracic diseases, trauma, transplantation, surgical critical care, neurological critical care as well as general care of patients with sepsis, acute respiratory failure, and other forms of critical illness. A wide range of experiences are offered, enabling observers to customize their experience to match their individual goals and objectives.

Only applicants in training (i.e. medical students, residents and fellows) or those currently practicing critical care medicine may apply for the observership. The applicant must be sponsored by their home institution, and is responsible for all financial obligations, travel visas and the observership fee.

Please complete this eligibility questionnaire, which is step 1 of the application process.

Eligible applicants will be contacted by the Office of Education within 4 weeks of submission of the eligibility questionnaire.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and must be submitted at least six months prior to the proposed start date. All applicants must complete the eligibility questionnaire. Applicants who are eligible will receive an email, within 4 weeks of submission, from the Office of Education. For Step 2 of the application process, the eligible applicant must provide:

  • A completed Clinical Observership application form (emailed by the Office of Education)
  • A sponsorship letter on institutional letterhead from their immediate supervisor, typed in English, dated and signed. The letter should include the applicant’s qualifications and the dates of the proposed observership
  • An updated curriculum vitae, including training details, contact information, date of birth, nationality, citizenship, and visa status, as well as name, title, mailing address and e-mail address of two professional references
  • Their Skype username for an interview via Skype

After Acceptance

Accepted applicants must be vetted by the UPMC Graduate Medical Education office prior to final approval. Applicants will be required to sign UPMC confidentiality and HIPAA agreements, undergo relevant background checks, and provide proof of health insurance, vaccination, and TB status.

Participants in the clinical observership program are not allowed to directly participate in clinical care, physically contact patients, perform procedures, write orders, or access the UPMC electronic health record.

For inquiries about your Clinical Observership application progress, please contact the CCM_Observership [at] (Office of Education).