Cyanotic 5-week-old with failure to thrive

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Here is our next CCM POCUS. This one comes again comes from our Pediatric side, on behalf of our CCM POCUS fellow (Tim Kaselitz) as well as being diagnosed by Todd Sower (a pediatric cardiologist & intensivist).




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This next case comes from Tim Kaselitz and Neil Munjal (from our Pediatric side!)

Review the case & post your thoughts, replies and comments! I'll post the follow up on Friday 8/23!




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Welcome to the first CCM POCUS case of the 2019-2020 academic year. This case comes from a recent Presby Call night. I was called to the bedside of a patient with increasing pressor requirements. For the sake of the case, I am staying intentionally vague. However, I think it is a nice, classic case to get started for the year!

Admittedly, some of the views were technically challenging/ limited. That said, post your thoughts on the following:




Shock with increasing pressors

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We have a new blog post (not a spam email!!) from Karthik Vadamalai for a patient he was treating one evening. Here is the case scenario:

"87-year-old male with h/o HTN, chronic a-fib on Coumadin presented with progressive shortness of breath. Known to be in a-fib with RVR and hypotensive with SBP of 90’s. After amiodarone 150mg bolus got more hypotensive ended up getting intubated and being on 0.18 mcg/kg/min of levophed. "




US guided ECMO placement

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Welcome back to another case for our CCM POCUS blog! This is another interesting & very cool case from our Med/Peds POCUS enthusiast: Tim Kaselitz.





It has been too long since we’ve posted to the CCM POCUS Blog! I’ve been waiting on the new website construction to be completed… but can’t wait anymore ;) Especially with all the great cases our fellows have been sending us!

Here is a case from Tim Kaselitz. Review the stem, look at the clips and post your thoughts/ answers on this case:





Welcome to the first CCM POCUS blog post for the new (2018-2019) academic year. For our new fellows, this blog is meant to be a way to share your POCUS experiences as a blog, highlighting interesting findings, cool applications, etc.

To access the blog, use the link in the email or this link, signing in with your UPMC email and same password for your account:




This week’s case comes from Drs. Arshed and Mayr.




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This week, we have some clips from a patient Mohammad Hirzallah scanned in the NICU. The patient was noted to have R pleural effusion on CXR. Mohammad performed a POCUS exam and described interpreted it as showing “hepatization” of the lung above the diaphragm, leading him to suspected the patient had a collapsed lobe. The team then performed a bronchoscopy and reported to be “unremarkable.”

Please review the clips. What do you think? Agree with his interpretation? Disagree? Other thoughts?




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We have a new blog post, courtesy of Aaron Skolnik and Kyra Christensen. They were providing care for a 59 y/o M who presented to the Neuro unit from an outside hospital for new onset seizures. He had an unremarkable CT Head. He had enough anti-epileptic, sedating medications that he ultimately required RSI and mechanical ventilation. A CXR was noted to be unremarkable.

The following POCUS clips were obtained. Please reply with your thoughts: