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BioMaRK Data Request Form

BioMaRK data files are available to University of Pittsburgh researchers and others pursuant to the terms of the standard operating procedures for data sharing. All parties interested in using BioMaRK data must complete and sign this data request form. Please note that some data files (such as multicenter or government data) may be subject to additional regulations—the use of such files may require additional review and other regulatory procedures.

Please complete the following information

Personal Data
Project Information

Please provide an estimate of when you would like this request completed.

Research Proposal

Prepare a 3-4 page, typed, single-spaced research proposal with the following elements (a completed grant application may substitute for this research proposal):

  • Study title
  • Background
  • Objectives/Hypotheses
  • Study design and data
  • Population
  • Proposed analytic plan (including statistical methods)
  • Plan for dissemination of research findings (include abstract presentation and manuscripts)
  • Timeline with specific estimated dates for
    • Data analysis
    • Manuscript preparation
    • Publication
    • Destruction of the data

By submitting this form, you agree that (a) you will use the requested data files only for the purposes outlined in your research proposal and for no other uses, (b) you maintain electronic and physical safeguards in accordance with relevant Institutional Review Board and other data use regulations specific to the data files; and (c) you will destroy the data files within one-year of receipt or request an extension on data use

After submission you will be contacted by the Data Management/Biostatistics team to schedule a meeting to review the details of your request.