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The PCCM fellowship program generally lasts 36 months.  After a one month intensive orientation in July of the first year, most fellows complete 

  • 17 months research
  • 13 months PICU
  • 4 months CICU
  • 1 month Anesthesiology

Research months increase each year of fellowship, with an average of 3-4 months in the 1st year, 6 months in the 2nd year, and 7-8 research months in the 3rd year.  Fellows also have three weeks of paid vacation per year, which is usually taken during research months.

Call Schedule

There are at least two PCCM fellows in-house at CHP each night (in the PICU), and approximately half of nights, a third PCCM fellow is in the CICU.  Fellows take in-house call approximately every 4th night when they are on service in the PICU.  The 2nd in-house fellow at night in the PICU works night shifts in the Monday thru Thursday, usually for two weeks at a time.  During CICU months, fellows take call an average of every third night.  Fellows who are on a research rotation have minimal call.  They take call an average of two weekend days per month and are on periodic weeknight call from home for the CHP Transport Team (for long, nighttime trips requiring a physician which occur an average of once per fellow each year).