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UNITED: UNderstanding Intensive care Team Effectiveness and Dynamics

Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS

The UNITED Study aims to identify the organizational factors associated with the use of evidence-based practices for mechanically ventilated patients. Efficient translation of evidence into practice is an enduring problem in critical care, with many patients not receiving therapies proven to save lives, particularly complex therapies that require the coordinated efforts of an inter-professional care team.


The UNITED study hypothesizes that the function of the ICU team is critical determinant of evidence-based practice use. To examine this issue we are surveying ICU team members about their perceptions of the team and linking the survey responses to patient level clinical data. In addition, we are directly observing ICU rounds, adding qualitative insight into organizational behavior with an eye towards developing interventions to improve implementation of care practices.

Ultimately, these results will provide clinicians, hospital administrators and policy makers with actionable data to most effectively coordinate ICU care of mechanically ventilated patients.