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THAPCA: Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest

PI: Frank Moler, University of Michigan

Site PI: Joseph A. Carcillo, MD, Ericka Fink, MD

Funding: NIH U01HL094345

Parents are asked for permission for their child to be in this study if their child has us within 6 hours of suffering a cardiac arrest, has had no more than one arrest, and was previously healthy.  If the parents agree then their child is randomized to one of two arms: controlled hypothermia with a temperature between 32-34 degrees centigrade or controlled normothermia with a temperature between 36-37 degrees centigrade with a cooling blanket.  The study has been going for 18 months with a planned enrollment period of 5 years.  The general idea is that keeping the child form having a fever after a cardiac arrest is better than having a fever.  Come believe that it is even better to be colder and others do not.