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SEPsIS: Systems Engineering of a Pheresis Intervention for Sepsis

PI: John A. Kellum, MD

Co-Investigators: Vincent Capponi, MS; Phil Chan, MD; Steven Chang, MD; Gilles Clermont, MD; William Federspiel, PhD; Lan Kong, PhD; Robert Parker, PhD; Kai Singbartl, MD; Yoram Vodovotz, PhD; William Wagner, PhD; Lisa Weissfeld, PhD

Funding: NIH  R01HL080926 (Project period: 9/28/05 - 2/28/12)

Sepsis kills more than a quarter of a million patients per year in the US alone. Treatments are limited primarily to supportive care. Our project seeks to develop a device to treat sepsis by reprogramming the immune response and redirecting immune effector cells to the nidus of infection and away from healthy tissue.


Treatment with an immune modulating device restores cytokine
gradients between infected tissue and systemic circulation.
Leukocytes are redirected toward the infection
and away from healthy tissue.