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MOnIToR: Monitoring Organ donors to Improve Transplantation Results

PI: John A. Kellum, MD

Co-PI: Ali Al-Khafaji, MD, MPH

Co-Investigators: Raghavan Murugan, MD, MS; Abdus S. Wahed, PhD

Funding: HRSA R380T10587

There is a national crisis involving organ transplantation due to a significant organ shortage and the limited options available to increase organs. Despite efforts to increase organdonation by using live donation and donation after cardiac death, donation after brain death remains the main source of organs transplanted in the US. Our project seeks to increase the number of organs transplanted per donor using a protocol-guided donor fluid management strategy after brain death.  

 Murugan R, et. al, Crit Cre Med 2008;36:1810-1816   

Our prior studies have shown decreased inflammation (as measured by plasma IL-6) when donors are optimized for hemodynamics and we have shown that outcomes are improved with inflammation is reduced. MOnIToR is a randomized multicenter trial (n=960) of protocolized fluid management guided by pulse-pressure variation.