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Inhalation of oxygen and hyperventilation early after injury may be deleterious to casualties with closed-head TBI

PI: Patrick Kochanek, MD

Co-Investigators: Hülya Bayir, Valerian Kagan, C. Edward Dixon

Funding: Geneva Foundation / USAMRAA (9/30/2009 – 9/29/2012)

The hypothesis of this proposal are that: 1) Mild and moderate hypothermia differentially affect the in vitro functional activity and regulation of the 7 major CYP450 isoforms in rat CA and TBI models. 2) Mild to moderate hypothermia produce alterations in hepatic blood flow, intrinsic enzyme clearance, and plasma protein binding in rat CA and TBI models. 3) Mild and moderate hypothermia alters the disposition of therapeutic agents in vivo in rat CA and TBI models, thereby, affecting the full neuroprotective benefits of therapeutic hypothermia.