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Complexity of Disease

PI: Gilles Clermont, MD

Co- Investigator: Michael R. Pinsky, MD, CM, Dr hc (Subproject P.I. on Merit Review and R-01, co.I. on Edwards award)

Funding: US VA Merit Award, NHLBI R01, Edwards Life Sciences

This is a prospective animal study examining the complex interactions of measured continuous and discontinuous biomarkers’ (e.g. blood pressure, cardiac output, blood gases, arterial pressure, serum lactate, etc.) ability to identify cardiovascular insufficiency before overt signs and to specifically characterize the pathological process causing circulatory shock as being due to decreased effective circulator blood volume (hemorrhage), impaired cardiac  contractility (heart failure) or impaired vasomotor responsiveness (sepsis) using appropriate porcine models. We shall also examine the impact of therapies designed to reduce mitochondrial free radical production, such as inhaled carbon monoxide or inhaled nitrate, as therapy.