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BioMaRK: Biological Markers of Recovery for the Kidney


PI: John A. Kellum, MD

Co-Investigators: Derek C Angus, MD, Kevin W Finkel, MD, Lan Kong, PhD, Emil Paganini, MD, Paul Palevsky, MD, Mohan Ramkumar, MD, Mark Unruh, MD , Anitha Vijayan, MD Lisa Weissfeld, PhD

Funding: NIDDK/NIH  R01DK070910 (Project period: 9/1/06 - 5/31/12) 

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BioMaRK is an ancillary study to the ARF Trial Network (ATN) Study (CSP 530), a 27-center randomized controlled trial jointly funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Cooperative Studies Program and the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). While ATN seeks to determine whether intensive RRT or standard therapy is superior in terms of 60-day mortality, BioMaRK seeks to better understand why.

The central goal of this study is to better understand the role of inflammation and oxidative stress in the recovery from Acute Renal Failure (ARF)—both in terms of survival and recovery of renal function. To do so, we will adjust for clinical characteristics including underlying severity of illness, concurrent conditions including sepsis, and treatment variables. We will build a clinical risk prediction model that will consider plasma mediator levels, urine markers, and clinical variables.