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Travis Jackson, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Critical Care Medicine

Associate Director of Cell Signaling, Safar Center for Resuscitation Research

For me, endeavoring to understand the brain has always been an obsessive passion - to the extent it has become my cherished vocation.  I am driven to imagine, invent, and create new solutions to treat brain injury, inspired by hope to improve lives of those afflicted.  To that end, my vision is to engage in exciting studies that answer fundamental biological questions into the mechanisms of neuronal death. Moreover, I focus efforts on basic science projects that ultimately could have translational relevance and commercialization potential.  I have a strong professional interest in converting basic and abstract ideas into tangible therapies, and strive to be vigilant of those opportunities when logical to develop in my work. Taking this approach and philosophy to biomedical research is most satisfying for me but more importantly, it offers me a chance to try and make a difference in the lives I am here to help.