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Samuel A. Tisherman, MD

Professor, Departments of Critical Care Medicine and Surgery
Associate Director, Safar Center for Resuscitation Research

My laboratory research, which began when I was a medical student working with Dr. Peter Safar, has focused on novel approaches to management of severe hemorrhagic shock and cardiac arrest, with a special interest in therapeutic hypothermia. Along with Drs. Peter Safar and Pat Kochanek, I have worked on the development of Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation (EPR), a novel approach to the management of the exsanguinating trauma patient utilizing hypothermia to “buy time” for resuscitative surgery. I am currently planning a clinical trial of EPR. In addition, I am the site co-investigator for trauma trials conducted by the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium. These trials are focused on prehospital care of trauma patients with life-threatening hemorrhagic shock or traumatic brain injury.



Other Projects

Prospective Observational Prehospital and Hospital Registry for Trauma (PROPHET), sponsored by NHLBI

Biomarker Lactate Assessment in Shock and Trauma (BLAST), sponsored by NHLBI

Field Trial of Hypotensive Resuscitation versus Standard Resuscitation in Patients with Hemorrhagic Shock after Trauma: A Pilot Trial, sponsored by NHLBI


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