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A. Murat Kaynar, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Departments of Critical Care Medicine and Anesthesiology

Program Director, Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Dr. Murat Kaynar’s research continues to focus on the primary themes of sepsis, acute lung injury and ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI). He is studying matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) to elucidate their role in sepsis and VILI and subsequently aims to apply to the management of these diseases. His work involves small animal models of the aforementioned diseases and he has recently published in the Amer J of Resp Crit Care Medicine, PlosOne, and Amer J of Resp Cell Mol Biol. Dr. Kaynar was awarded a K08 grant this past September from NHLBI. In parallel with his interest in VILI, Dr. Kaynar is working with Dr. John R. Hotchkiss and others on computational models on mechanical ventilation. The models developed in the course of the above efforts have been recast as elements of an educational simulation/ skills assessment software package addressing competence in mechanical ventilation. This software package is in early beta testing, and has attracted interest from the Department of Critical Care Medicine and Department of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, as well as national / federal organizations and an external educational institution.

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