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John R. Hotchkiss, MD

Assistant Professor

The underlying theme of Dr. Hotchkiss's work is the application of contemporary computational and bioengineering techniques to complex biological and clinical systems. Dr. Hotchkiss' goal is to produce computational tools that can be used to improve patient care, either directly or by guiding the application of extant or novel technologies in the clinical setting.  Foci of interest have expanded from individual patients to include healthcare facilities and networks, focusing on access and economic issues.

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Other Research Projects

Combinatorial Analysis of Physiologic Patterns (CAPPER): Application of contemporary signal processing techniques to identify pathophysiology and stratify risk. 
NIH R01HL084113

Simulation Approaches to Graduate Medical Education-Mechanical Ventilation (SAGE-MAVEN): Use of digital microsimulation for training in mechanical ventilation and assessment of expertise.
NIH R01HL084113

Geospatial and economic analysis of dialysis networks.

Geoeconomics of chronic diseases.

Quantifying Practice Patterns in Dialysis (QUPPID).
Department of Medicine T32 project

Facility Level Approaches to Infection Control Engineering (FLAT-ICE).
Initiated under NIH 1R21AI055818 (completed); work continues