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Cameron Dezfulian, MD

Assistant Professor, Adult and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Safar Center for Resuscitation Research
Vascular Medicine Institute

Dr. Dezfulian is interested in ways of reducing cerebral and cardiac injury resulting from cardiac arrest.  In the lab, Dezfulian has developed mouse and rat models of cardiac arrest to study the effects of nitrite, an ischemic reservoir for nitric oxide and potent S-nitrosating agent, in achieving this organ protection.  Dr. Dezfulian is working to translate promising findings from bench to bedside and we have begun a phase I study of nitrite in cardiac arrest survivors.  Clinically, Dr. Dezfulian is interested in aspects of post-resuscitation care which may affect these organ injuries.  Current projects examine the role of oxygen, hemodynamic support and temperature control in mitigating cerebral and cardiac injury.  I am also a member of the UPMC post-cardiac arrest service in charge of cardiac arrest post-resuscitation quality improvement at UPMC Mercy.

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Other research interests: