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NIH T-32 Training Grants

In the pediatric division, Dr. Kochanek is the Principal Investigator and the Program Director of one of the few T-32s in the field of PCCM:  “Pediatric Neurointensive Care and Resuscitation Research” (5T32HD040686), funded by NICHD. Four fellows are funded through the grant annually, and 20 PCCM fellows have been supported by this grant, which also supports research trainees in child neurology, neurological surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) fellows.  Trainees have the opportunity to learn basic and clinical research in neurointensive care and resuscitation from senior scientists. The research focus is on injury mechanisms, novel therapies, and outcomes after traumatic brain injury and cardiac arrest.

In the adult division, Dr. Michael Pinsky is the PI and Program director of “Experimental Therapeutics in Critical Care” (5T32HL007820), funded by NHLBI. This postdoctoral training program is for a period of 2 or 3 years in basic science research relevant to cardiopulmonary and renal responses to stress. The overall research focus of the trainees is on four inter-related levels of basic science investigation: 1) cell and molecular immunobiology; 2) cellular basis of organ injury; 3) organ-system interaction; and 4) outcomes-based research.