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Upcoming CRRT Conference March 4 - 7th, 2014 in San Diego

Thu, 01/16/2014

The CRRT Conference continues to provide a comprehensive coverage of the rapidly developing field of Critical Care Nephrology and CRRT. It highlights the recent advances in our understanding of pathophysiology of critical illness, acute kidney injury, emerging strategies in the management of sepsis, multiorgan failure, development and use of biomarkers, technical advances in CRRT and the appropriate utilization of these techniques. This year's program presents exciting new developments and evidence for hemodynamic monitoring, fluid management, dialysis timing, and extracorporeal support for critically ill patients. A mix of invited lectures, pro-con debates, interactive workshops, tutorials, poster sessions and panel discussions are planned to continue the tradition of multidisciplinary interactions.

Pittsburgh will have quite a presence at the meeting!  The following people from the department will present in San Diego:

  • Xiaoyan Wen, MD, PhD
    • ‚ÄčPoster on Cell-cycle Arrest as a Mechanism for Sepsis-Associated AKI
    • Poster on Effects of T-Cell Immune Modulator AB103 on Experimental Sepsis-induced AKI
  • Raghavan Murugan, MD
    • Poster and Oral presentation on Timing of Renal Replacement Therapy and Mortality in Critically Ill Patients
  • Hernando Gomez, MD
    • Poster and Oral presentation on AMP-Protein Kinase Activation May Protect Against Sepsis-induced AKI Through Mechanisms Other Than Energy Regulation
  • Flori Sileanu, MD
    • Poster and Oral presentation on Acute Kidney Injury in Low Risk Patients in ICU
  • Zhiyong Peng, MD, PhD
    • Poster on Cell Cycle Arrest Biomarkers Predict Acute Kidney Injury and Survival in Septic Rats
  • Jicheng Zhang, MD
    • Poster and Oral Presentation on Effects of a Novel Adsorbent on Septic Rats: In Vitro and In Vivo Study; Also, recipient of “Fellow in Training Registration Grant” allowing free conference registration and a free workshop registration.