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Susan Cheng, MCCTP Fellow, Receives VA’s STAR Award

Fri, 12/12/2014

Susan Cheng, a second-year fellow in CCM’s Multidisciplinary Critical Care Training Program (MCCTP), was nominated for the STAR award at the VA for the “incredible compassion” that she showed for a dying patient. The patient’s family, having flown in from Germany and Japan, was gathered around him, and in the group was the patient’s 3 month old grandson, who had never before met his dying grandfather. The family wished for the child to be close to his grandfather in these final moments, and Dr. Cheng did all she could to honor this wish. Embodying the fullest measure of care, Dr. Cheng arranged for the child to be near his grandfather, in an act which was described as “so touching” and “a beautiful display of holistic care.”

The STAR (Special Thanks and Recognition) program was launched by the Magnet Ambassadors “to recognize employees who go above and beyond their normal duties.” Dr. Cheng certainly embodied these criteria with her tremendous expression of care and comfort.