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SCCM celebrates 40 years: Pittsburgh figures prominently

Wed, 06/08/2011

The Society of Critical Care Medicine celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Clinical Congress in San Diego this year. Initiators Peter Safar, William Shoemaker, and Max Harry Weil conceived of a multidisciplinary Society devoted to care of all critically-ill patients. Jim Snyder and Ake Grenvik commemorated the 40th anniversary with a book describing the first 40 years. Congress attendees received a copy of the book and were encouraged to have founders of the Society autograph their copies. Three of the founding members were from Pittsburgh: Peter Safar, Ake Grenvik, and Peter Winter. The anniversary celebration included a reception on the USS Midway and a dinner for past and present leadership of the Society. Several past presidents of the Society from Pittsburgh were present: Ake Grenvik, Ann Thompson, and John Hoyt.