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Neurocritical Care Society 2016 Meeting Includes Lectures and Presentations from CCM Faculty

Mon, 10/17/2016

The Department of Critical Care Medicine had a significant presence at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Neurocritical Care Society, held from September 15 to 18 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. Several of our faculty delivered lectures, moderated sessions, and gave oral and poster presentations.

Marie Baldisseri, MD, MPH, gave the keynote presentation at the Women in NCC Luncheon. Several faculty delivered lectures and moderated sessions, including Baldisseri; Sherry Chou, MD, MMSc, FNCS; Bradley Molyneaux, MD, PhD; Jason Moore, MD, MS; and Lori Shutter, MD, FCCM, FNCS.

Shutter also gave an oral presentation, and many others were represented in poster presentations, including Maighdlin M. Anderson, CRNP, RN, MSN, CCRN, ACNP; Michael M. Bell, MD; Chou; Cameron C. Dezfulian, MD; Jonathan J. Elmer, MD; Jody Manners, MD (Neurology Resident); and Shutter.

CCM faculty also helped direct a Professionalism and Leadership Workshop on September 18. Designed by Jason Moore and Lori Shutter, the workshop was based off of our local program, which Moore created for our fellows. Moore also gave the presentation, “Mentorship, Coaches, and Sponsors.” The workshop was a great success, and has already been selected to be presented again next year.

A complete list of the events in which faculty participated is below:


  • Sherry Chou, Session: Practice Update, “Subarachnoid Hemorrhage”
  • Lori Shutter, Session: Practice Update, “Traumatic Brain Injury”
  • Lori Shutter, Future Leaders Forum, “Effective Teaching”
  • Marie Baldisseri, Session: The Bionic Neurocritical Care Patient, “Brain-Heart: Intraaortic Balloon Pump and other Cardiac Assist Devices in the NCCU”
  • Lori Shutter, Session: Professionalism & Leadership, “Making an Impression / Graceful Promotion”
  • Jason Moore, Session: Professionalism & Leadership: "Mentorship, Coaches & Sponsors"
  • Marie Baldisseri, Women in NCC Luncheon, Keynote Presentation: “Leadership in Neurocritical Care”
  • Lori Shutter, Session: When the Dream Team Fizzles, “Strategies to Prevent & Manage Burnout – Physician Perspective”

Session Moderators

  • Lori Shutter, Co-Chair, Future Leaders Forum
  • Marie Baldisseri, Moderator, The Bionic Neurocritical Care Patient – Risks and Chances of Organ Assist Devices
  • Lori Shutter, Co-Chair, ICU Directors Breakfast Corner
  • Lori Shutter, Chair, Professionalism and Leadership Workshop
  • Brad Molyneaux, Moderator, Translational Science Session
  • Brad Molyneaux, Moderator, Top Rated Abstract Platform Presentations


  • Professionalism and Leadership: Designed by Jason Moore and Lori Shutter, directed by Lori Shutter

Oral Presentations

  • “The wrong decision is the one you can’t live with” – A mixed-methods study of surrogate decision-making in the Neuro-ICU. Thomas Quinn, Jesse J. Moskowitz, Lori A. Shutter, Rob R. Goldberg, Nananda N. Col, Kathy K. Mazor, Susanne S. Muehlschlegel

Poster Presentations

  1. A randomized, crossover pilot trial of neuromonitoring-guided goal-direct post-arrest care after opioid overdose. Jonathan Elmer, Katharyn K. Flickinger, Maighdlin M. Anderson, Allison A. Koller, Matthew M. Sundermann, Cameron C. Dezfulian, David D. Okonkwo, Lori A. Shutter, David D. Salcido, Clifton C. Callaway, James J. Menegazzi.
  2. Establishing a Novel Classification System for Cardiac Arrest Etiology to Predict the Course of Neurological Recovery. Niel L. Chen, Cameron C. Dezfulian, Jon J. Rittenberger, Ankur A. Doshi, Francis F. Guyette, Clifton C. Callaway, Jonathan J. Elmer.
  3. Contrasting Preferences on the Communication of Prognosis between Family Members and Physicians during Goals-of-Care Decisions in Critically-lll TBl Patients-Results from a Multi-Center Qualitative Study. Thomas Quinn, Jesse J. Moskowitz, Lori A. Shutter, Rob R. Goldberg, Nananda N. Col, Kathy K. Mazor, Susanne S. Muehlschlegel.
  4. Variable knowledge, use and perceptions of the IMPACT model among physicians during prognostication meetings for critically-ill TBl patients – results from a qualitative study. Jesse E. Moskowitz, Thomas T. Quinn, Lori A. Shutter, Robert R. Goldberg, Nananda N. Col, Kathleen K. Mazor, Susanne S. Muehlschlegel.
  5. High Variability in Acute Blood Pressure Control In Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Jody Manners, Jonathan J. Elmer, Yazan Y. Bittar, Lori L. Massaro, Lori A. Shutter, Sherry H. Chou.
  6. Sedation Use Alters Quantitative Electroencephalography in Comatose Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients. Callie M. Drohan, Alessandra A. Cardi, Jon J. Rittenberger, Clifton C. Callaway, Maria M. Baldwin, Jonathan J. Elmer.
  7. Medical Training and the Brain Death Exam:  A Single Institution’s Experience. Kiruba Dharaneeswaran, Ahmed A. Kashkoush, Amy A. Weisgerber, Nitin N. Agarwal, Lori A. Shutter.
  8. MRI Biomarkers of Functional Outcome after Severe Pediatric TBI: A Feasibility Assessment. Peter Ferrazzano, Bedda B. Rosario, Stephen S. Wisniewski, Andrew A. Alexander, Michael M. Bell.
  9. Effect of Continuous Electroencephalography Coupled with Aggressive Seizure Suppression on Outcomes after Cardiac Arrest. John Faro, Patrick P. Coppler, Cameron C. Dezfulian, Maria M. Baldwin, Jon J. Rittenberger, Clifton C. Callaway, Jonathan J. Elmer.
  10. High Plasma Micro-RNA-26A is Associated with Good Outcome Following  Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Sherry H. Chou, Basak B. Icli, Sarah S. Clark, Gabriella G. Santos, Farzaneh F. Sorond, Liangee L. Hsu, Steven S. Feske, MingMing M. Ning, Eng E. Lo, Mark M. Feinberg.

Thumbnail photograph by dave_7, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.