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Fellows Look Forward to 2nd Year at Retreat

Sun, 09/22/2013

The MCCTP held its third annual “Incoming 2nd Year Fellow Retreat" on Tuesday, September 17th at the University Club, hosted by Drs. Jason Moore and Lillian Emlet. 

The purpose of this retreat is to orient first year fellows to the structure, requirements, and myriad of educational opportunities for their second year of fellowship.  Numerous faculty were also on hand throughout the afternoon to discuss academic and leadership opportunities in research, education, and clinical-administration. 

The retreat was both enjoyable and informative for the fellows, and the happy hour that followed was well attended by both faculty and fellows alike.

(Photo left to right:  Jason Moore, Lori Shutter, Prem Nattanmai, Petros Kopterides, Matthew Siedsma, Jonathan Auerback, Lilliam Emlet, Daniel Haase, Susan Cheng, Jaqueline King, Michael Buscher, Jeffery DellaVolpe, Ryo Kato, Eric Suess.  Front row: Samuel Tisherman, Michael Pinsky)