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Dr. John A. Kellum Keynote Speaker and Honorary Member at ACOMEC in Columbia

Wed, 09/14/2011

John Kellum, ACOMEC (ACOMEC from Academia Colombiana de Medicina Critica), a recently founded non-for-profit organization which aims to provide a space for the academic discussion in critical care topics, improve clinical practice, as well as to promote and strengthen the research infrastructure in the field in Colombia.  Dr. Kellum was also inducted into the Academia Colombiana de Medicina Critica as an honorary member on September 14, 2011, “…for his contributions to the specialty of critical care in Colombia and around the world”.  The event hosted about 450 attendants for two days, including critical care and nephrology specialists, residents, medical students and nurses.  Dr. Kellum enlightened the symposium with four presentations on the use of the Stewart’s approach to acid-base at the bedside, Hepatorenal syndrome, Diagnosis and classification of acute kidney injury in the critically ill patient, and Methods of blood purification with hemoadsorption techniques in sepsis.  This is the second opportunity in which the department of Critical Care Medicine has contributed with this important event for the development of critical care in Colombia, strengthening with this gesture, the longstanding relationship between the University and the people of the South American nation.