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David Emlet Promoted to Research Assistant Professor

Thu, 06/16/2016

David R. Emlet, PhD, has been promoted to Research Assistant Professor in the Center for Critical Care Nephrology (CCCN), CRISMA, Department of Critical Care Medicine. Recruited to CCCN as a Research Associate in 2014, Emlet has enhanced the Center’s capabilities for research on acute kidney injury (AKI) by developing and establishing in vitro cell culture model systems of human and rodent primary kidney tubule epithelial cells. These systems are primarily helping to elucidate the expression, function, and molecular roles of the early AKI biomarkers IGFBP7 and TIMP2. Additionally, Emlet's efforts are advancing the Center’s mission to become a primary resource for kidney-related biomedical research through developing collaborations with the Renal Electrolyte Division, the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, and the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology.