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Christopher Seymour Receives BaCCoR Grant Award

Mon, 08/26/2013

Congratulations to Drs. Christopher Seymour and Melanie Scott on their recent Basic to Clinical Collaborative Research Pilot Program (BaCCoR) Grant Award.  Drs. Seymour and Scott are excited to pursue this innovative project – a translational collaboration between the Departments of Surgery and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Seymour looks to explore the metabolomic profile of early sepsis patients – building off preliminary small molecule data recently published in Intensive Care Medicine.  This work identified a mechanistic and prognostic role for RNA metabolites in nascent sepsis that Dr. Scott is testing as potential damage associated molecular patterns (DAMP) in cell culture studies. The grant will provide cross-cutting preliminary data for future metabolomic studies of prehospital blood that Dr. Seymour is gathering as part of the PIPeLINE cohort study funded by NIH/NIGMS, while advancing our mechanistic understanding of immune regulation in sepsis."