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Cameron Dezfulian Awarded Grant from Laerdal Foundation

Thu, 08/01/2013

Dr. Cameron Dezfulian, of the Department of Critical Care Medicine was awarded a grant by the Laerdal Foundation.  The Laerdal award funds a study to investigate nitrite therapy after cardiac arrest with a focus on nitrite's ability to preserve cereral autoregulation. 

"We have good preliminary evidence to support and antioxidant effect which preserves cerebral autoregulation." says Dr. Dezfulian.  This grant permits further experiments to titrate the dose of nitrite based to identify an optimal dose based on antioxidant capacity.  The primary measures are brain mitochondrial peroxide generation and ascorbate preservation.  

Dr. Dezfulian's research interests at CCM focuses on post-resuscitation care of cardiac arrest survivors with a special emphasis on improving neurologic outcomes using existing and new technologies.