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Pitt faculty dominate symposium in Bogota, Colombia

Thu, 04/01/2010

Drs. Murat Kaynar, Juan-Carlos Puyana and Michael R. Pinsky form the Department of Critical Car eMedicine faculty and Dr. Hernando Gomez, a first year clinical fellow from our department were the primary speakers at a two-day symposium in Bogota, Colombia entitled “Tissue perfusion and the prevention of renal failure.” The meeting was held in honor of the publication of the textbook Perfusion Tisular, a Spanish language critical care medicine publication, for which Hernando Gomez is an editor. Drs. Kaynar, Puyana and Pinsky were also induced into the Academia Colombiana de Medicina Critica on 23 March 2010. “We are very proud of our longstanding close relationship with the people of Colombia” Professor Puyana said. Through his Fogarty Grant, Dr. Puyana brings gifted physicians from Colombia and the rest of Latin America to the University of Pittsburgh for one to two years of research training. In fact, Dr. Hernando Gomez initially came to our department under this program, only to be accepted two years later into our Clinical Fellowship program. “We are always looking for excellent international trainees with strong academic credentials” said Dr. Murat Kaynar, head of the department’s International Fellowship program. Dr. Gomez will remain oat Pitt following his fellowship year as a Clinical instructor while completing his MPH degree and continuing on-going translational research.