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Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Scientific Assembly

Wed, 01/20/2010

More than 20 years ago, Peter Safar envisioned a novel approach to resuscitation of the exsanguinating trauma patient using rapid induction of profound hypothermia to “buy time” for transport and resuscitative surgery. Now called Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation (EPR), laboratory work on this approach continues at the Safar Center under the direction of Drs. Pat Kochanek and Sam Tisherman. Peter Rhee at the University of Arizona and Hasan Alam at Massachusetts General Hospital recognized the potential of this new approach and have further explored EPR in the lab. Drs. Tisherman, Rhee, Alam, and others are now working on a clinical trial of EPR.

During the first plenary session entitled “Dawn of a New Ice Age: Reanimation in Trauma Care,” Drs. Rhee, Alam, and Tisherman presented the clinical need for a new approach, laboratory studies of EPR, and plans for the clinical