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CCM has major impact in the ESICM 23rd Annual Congress held in October 2010

Mon, 06/08/2009

Department of Critical Care Medicine has a major impact in the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine’s 23rd annual congress in Barcelona, Spain October 2010.

Although our faculty are routinely invited to speak at academic medical meetings around the world, this year’s European Society of Intensive Care Medicine’s (ESICM) annual congress represents a high water mark. Of the 18 non-European faculty invited to this meeting this year, four came from the University of Pittsburgh, and no other institution had more than one invitee. This profound international influence underscores the depth of research and reputation our faculty enjoy on the world stage.  Faculty participants in this meeting included Derek Angus MD (Department Chair), Michael Pinsky, MD (Vice Chair for Academic Affairs), Doug White, MD (Chair of UPMC Ethics Committee), and Bob Arnold, MD (Adjunct Professor for Ethics). The ESICM is the largest international critical care society in the world and this year recorded over 6,000 attendees present for its annual congress.  Thus, the impact of this presence speaks well for our Department. Importantly, our faculty did not only present lectures at this major international meeting but also supported the abstract presentations of several of our trainees whose works were showcased in poster presentations.

Derek Angus, MD presented lectures on “Making sense of controversies” in the Surviving Sepsis Campaign session, the Pro position in the International Sepsis Forum on “Hemodynamic monitoring in septic shock: an arterial and a central venous line are enough,” and “Outcome and ethnicity” in Imported Diseases in a Global World Conference.

Michael Pinsky, MD finished his second 3-year term as the International Member’s representative to the Executive Council of the ESICM and was instrumental in changing this representation so that upon his departure, 5 international ESICM members will now represent the international faculty, not one. Each representative will focus on a specific region: North America, South America, Pacific Rim, Asia and the Middle East-Africa. He gave four lectures entitled “Vasoactive agents or fluids in the acute management of acute lung injury,” “Clinical applications of non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring,”  “Why have resuscitation goals in the management of critically ill patients?” and a plenary lecture on “Heart-lung interactions.”

Doug White, MD spoke on “An ICU corner for family members,” “Can futile care become beneficial care?” and “Barriers to family consent: Can we improve it?”

Bob Arnold, MD co-directed a pre-meeting post-graduate course entitled “Talking with families if the critically ill” in a 2-day communication skills training program for both ICU physicians and nurses.  This course underscored the central theme of the annual congress, namely patient-focused care.  During this PGC he also gave 4 of the ore lectures and ran several group discussion sessions.