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Dr. Michael Devita to receive Laerdal Award from the Society of Critical Care Medicine

Tue, 02/08/2011

Dr. Michael Devita has been at the forefront of the development of rapid response teams for many years. He has organized symposia and published key research on the subject. One of his most important contributions has been the development of innovative team training curricula. Prior to his involvement, most crisis management training was done one profession at a time. Nurses would train with nurses and doctors would train with doctors. That’s not what happens in the real world. “Code teams” are by nature multi-professional. Dr. Devita recognized that team training should be similarly multi-professional. Thus began some wild and crazy team training sessions at the Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research.

For his work on crisis management, rapid response teams, and resuscitation, Dr. Devita will be honored at the Clinical Congress of SCCM with the prestigious Asmund S. Laerdal Award. This award was named for Asmund S. Laerdal, creator of the Resusci-Annie model used in CPR training procedures. The recipient is chosen for his or her extensive involvement in resuscitation education and research. Dr. DeVita joins a number of previous awardees affiliated with our Department, including Peter Safar, Norman Abramson, Patrick Kochanek, Mitchell Fink, Bradley Fuhrman, and Samuel Tisherman. Clearly, Dr. Devita richly deserves this honor.