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Neurotrauma ICU

Neurotrauma ICU 

UPMC is a level I Trauma Center, as designated by the American College of Surgeons, and is the busiest trauma center in the state of Pennsylvania. The CCM physicians in this 10-bed ICU provide advanced care for critically ill patients with a neurological injury in conjunction with the Department of Neurosurgery and Division of General and Trauma Surgery. These patients have injuries to the brain or spinal cord secondary to trauma, as well as other traumatic injuries involving the chest, abdomen, major vessels and long bones. This unique neurotrauma patient population requires specialized management of hemorrhagic shock, sepsis, renal failure, adrenal suppression, and respiratory failure in order to optimize their potential for neurological recovery. The unit based multidisciplinary QI projects for the last year focused on nursing satisfaction regarding use of a pupilometer to assess pupil responsiveness after neurological injury, methods to minimize conjunctivitis and keratitis in comatose patients, and the use of an ICU diary to palliate adverse emotional outcomes in patients and families admitted to the Neurotrauma ICU.

Neurotrauma ICU Team

Dr. Lori Shutter, Medical Director; Dr. Joseph Darby, Medical Co-Director

Team Members:  Drs. Jonathan ElmerRuchi Jha, Murat Kaynar, Jason Sperry; APPs: Maighdlin Anderson, Timothy Rausch