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Magee-Womens Hospital ICU

Critical Care Medicine physicians manage and treat critically ill obstetric and gynecologic patients, as well as those patients admitted to the Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and other subspecialty services.  During the past few years, Magee-Womens Hospital has increased the number and types of patients admitted to the hospital under the Internal Medicine and Surgery services.  These patients are managed by the Critical Care team in the ICU as well as on the patient wards with cardiac telemetry.  Critically ill patients are cared for in a fourteen-bed, state-of-the-art ICU built in June 2012. 

Magee-Womens Hospital remains one of the largest and most highly regarded tertiary obstetrical teaching hospitals in the United States.  The CCM team is experienced in the care of high-risk pregnancies in the medical/surgical ICU, managing critically ill obstetric patients with severe preeclampsia, peripartum cardiomyopathy, and amniotic fluid embolism syndrome.  Our clinicians also are experts at managing disease processes superimposed on pregnancy, such as severe respiratory failure and pulmonary embolism.  They also provide postoperative management of thoracic, ENT, bariatric, and gynecologic patients. 

Magee-Womens Hospital ICU Team
Dr. David Muigai, Medical Director
Other team Members: Intensivist MDs: Drs. Anton Nicolescu, Jeremy Kahn, Douglas White, and Jennifer Edwards
                                    Intensivist PA: Mary Lee
                                    Unit Nursing Director: Lauren Gorman