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Left to right: Barbara Early, Stacy Stull, Mary Kruth, Denise Scholl, Pete Adams, Meghan Buck, Marcy Lindley, Pam Fazio, Vera Iouchmanov


Multidisciplinary Acute Care Research Organization (MACRO)

In 2002, the Department of CCM began a Clinical Trials Program (CTP) to coordinate all trials within the Department. The CTP streamlined screening and enrollment of ICU patients and employed three clinical research coordinators (CRC) for five studies.  View our 2011 - 2013 Update.

From 2002 – 2007, the CTP expanded and due to overlapping patient populations, increasingly coordinated with a similar program in the Department of Surgery.

In 2008, the two Departments decided to join forces under a single entity called MACRO (Multidisciplinary Acute Care Research Organization) to maximize collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. In 2009, the Department of Emergency Medicine also joined.

Together, the three Departments jointly run MACRO as an internal clinical research organization with a focus on acute care research. A key service MACRO offers investigators is 24/7 screening and enrollment. In calendar year 2009, this level of service enabled enrollment of 129 patients in interventional trials and over 800 patients in observational trials.