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Dr. Girard's research interests include cognitive impairment after critical illness, delirium in the ICU, sedation, and liberation from mechanical ventilation.
Dr. Gomez's research interest is in the mechanisms by which sepsis causes multiple organ dysfunction, so as to understand the impact of these modifications on cell and organ function, and cell survival.
The underlying theme of Dr. Hotchkiss' work is the application of contemporary computational and bioengineering techniques to complex biological and clinical systems.
Dr. Huang’s research focuses on the resuscitative and biomarker aspects of sepsis, as well as understanding how organizational culture impacts patient outcomes.
Dr. Jackson's research focuses on engaging in exciting studies that answer fundamental biological questions into the mechanisms of neuronal death.
Dr. Murat Kaynar’s research continues to focus on the primary themes of sepsis, acute lung injury and ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI).
Dr.Kellum's work spans various aspects of critical care medicine but centers on sepsis and acute organ dysfunction.
Dr. Kochanek’s research addresses studies in experimental and clinical traumatic brain injury and cardiac arrest. His work also encompasses pediatric and adult arenas.
Dr. Mohan is interested in how doctors make decisions for their patients. Most quality improvement efforts assume that doctors weigh information about the patient....