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Dr. Angus is Professor and Chair of the Department of Critical Care Medicine and Director of CRISMA (Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illnesses) Center at the University of Pittsburgh.
Exploring the intersection of advanced quantitative methods and bedside care with the ultimate vision of leveraging mathematical, computational and engineering expertise to deliver improved personalized care to the critically ill.
Dr. Girard's research interests include cognitive impairment after critical illness, delirium in the ICU, sedation, and liberation from mechanical ventilation.
Dr. Gomez's research interest is in the mechanisms by which sepsis causes multiple organ dysfunction, so as to understand the impact of these modifications on cell and organ function, and cell survival.
Dr. Murat Kaynar’s research continues to focus on the primary themes of sepsis, acute lung injury and ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI).
Dr.Kellum's work spans various aspects of critical care medicine but centers on sepsis and acute organ dysfunction.
Dr. Murugan's research interests span a number of domains in critical illness including sepsis, acute kidney injury, organ transplantation, and mechanisms of recovery from organ dysfunction.
Dr. Zhiyong has broad research interests in sepsis, which include the roles of cellular metabolism, oxidative injury in the development of organ dysfunction,