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Dr. Murugan's research interests span a number of domains in critical illness including sepsis, acute kidney injury, organ transplantation, and mechanisms of recovery from organ dysfunction.
Dr. Zhiyong has broad research interests in sepsis, which include the roles of cellular metabolism, oxidative injury in the development of organ dysfunction,
Dr. Pinsky's work spans various aspects of critical care medicine but centers on cardiopulmonary physiology, hemodynamic monitoring sepsis and acute organ dysfunction.
Dr. Shutter’s research focus is the area of traumatic brain injury and advanced monitoring in neurocritical care.
Neuroinflammation, pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI), pediatric sepsis, links between microbiome on neuroinflammation and recovery from acquired brain injury, emerging pediatric neurologic diseases.
Dr. Wallace’s research focuses on the organization and delivery of critical care within geographic regions, and seeks to improve health care quality through coordinated delivery.
Dr. Yende conducts epidemiologic and translational studies to understand how demographic factors and chronic health affects susceptibility to and outcomes of infection and severe sepsis.