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Grenvik Education Center


Manager: James Rieker, PhD 

The Grenvik Training Center is the central educational resource for the Multidisciplinary Critical Care Training Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Using state of the art educational technologies, the Center promotes Ake Grenvik's tradition of innovation in teaching and curriculum development. The Center provides access for multiple health care disciplines at all levels of training.

What's here:

  • Advanced educational software and computers
  • Digital video production equipment
  • Digital imaging devices
  • DVD/Blu-ray software and production equipment
  • Computer and video projection equipment
  • Audience response system 

Activities include:

  • Development of educational materials
  • Preparation of presentations for symposia, conferences, & distance learning experiences
  • Access to all CCM Core Lectures
  • Viewing of educational DVDs and CDs
  • Acquisition of full-text research articles through the Health Sciences Library gateway
  • Synchronizing smart phones and iPads

For more information, contact James Rieker, 412 647-6546