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Most fellows train within one of the Department’s internationally recognized research centers: the CRISMA Center, which focuses broadly on clinical and translational research in critical illness; and the Safar Center, which focuses basic and translational aspects of resuscitation science.We work with incoming fellows to assemble a mentorship team consisting of both senior and mid-career scientists. We can also help fellows identify faculty with additional expertise out side our Department.

Major faculty

Organ-Systems Interactions and Modeling

Gilles Clermont, MD
William Federspiel, PhD
Edwin Jackson, PhD
John Kellum, MD
Pat Kochanek, MD
Michael R. Pinsky, MD
Sanjeev Shroff, PhD

Clinical and Health Services Research

Derek Angus, MD, MPH
Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS
Mark Roberts, MD
Matthew Rosengart, MD, MPH
Douglas White, MD, MAS

Cellular Basis for Organ Injury and Molecular Immunobiology

Mark Gladwin, MD
Valerian Kagan, PhD, DSc
Rama Mallamapalli, MD
Bruce Pitt, PhD
Sruti Shiva, PhD
Brian Zuckerbraun, MD