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Wireless Options for CCM Fellows at Work

All CCM Fellows have a smartphone or an iPad, but may not know the options for wireless connectivity while at work.

Both UPMC and Pitt provide wireless access points throughout the hospitals and Scaife Hall. Which one you choose depends on what services you are seeking. 

UPMC network credentials will allow you secure wireless network [CWP-EAP and others] access  to patient information systems and other network services. However, you will need to install the gateway security app MobileIron and the collection of clinical apps folded into Citrix Receiver, and be on an approved access list. More information can be found here:



UPMC also provides an unlocked wireless network [UPMC-GUEST]. This is provided primarily for patient and guest access. Anyone can use this network, but it does not allow access to the UPMC secure network.

And then there's Pitt. Fellows are not Pitt employees so they are given special Pitt accounts. These are known as a "sponsored" accounts. Using Pitt credentials, Fellows can access the secure Pitt wireless network [WIRELESS-PITTNET]. Pitt and UPMC networks are separate entities, and DO NOT share common services. Note: GUEST-WIRELESS-PITNET is NOT available to Fellows. 


412 624 HELP for more info.

So why choose one over the other? Suggested best uses:

  • UPMC secured wireless [cwp-eap and others]: Use this network if you want to access UPMC network services such as patient information systems AND you have put MobileIron on your device. Note that putting MobileIron on your device will set up Exchange email and require you to put a locking passcode on your device.
  • UPMC-GUEST: Use this open network if you don't have MobileIron on your device and PITT-WIRELESS is not available. Note that performance varies by location.
  • WIRELESS-PITTNET: Use this network if the other networks are not available. Note that this would be the best choice over GIA if both are available and you do not have MobileIron installed on your device.

Final note. Putting MobileIron on your device means that you will need to comply with all the requirements of mobile networked devices crossing UPMC's firewall. As such, your device will be monitored and shut down should it appear to be a security risk.

Happy surfing!


Using a laptop with the wireless access points:

UPMC-GUEST can be accessed via laptops by selecting the network, opening a browser, waiting for a UPMC authentication page, then accepting the terms specified on the authentication landing page.

WiIRELESS-PITTNET requires entry through a one-time setup process. the directions can be found here:

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