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Canvas Tips: Speed up Canvas Navigation Using Bookmarks

This post will examine a somewhat novel use of bookmarks to quickly navigate to desired locations within a Canvas course, saving clicks and time. This is especially true when using a mobile device. Like any bookmark, you must first visit the page location to add the bookmark. 

If you have accessed a Canvas course location with your phone's browser, use the browser's menu to place a bookmark on your home screen (or within the browser list of bookmarks). The value added feature of this method is the browser will often remember that you have recently logged in, and may therefore skip the Canvas log in step - one click access from your home screen! 

When using the Canvas app, the bookmark feature is available through the top left collapsing "hamburger" menu. A bookmark made within the app stays within the app, so you must first open the app to see the bookmarks. However, a collection of bookmarks at the top level will span courses, and will surely save time when navigating from one course to another.

Since browsers and apps are constantly updated, and are not consistent from one OS to the next, your mileage may vary. 


Jim Rieker


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