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Immunonutrition for critically patients

Another negative nutrition trial and possible harm with glutamine.

A Randomized Trial of Glutamine and Antioxidants in Critically Ill Patients.

We discussed some nutrition papers previously, including the EDEN trial.


I have volunteered as an RN to Haiti with Project Medishare in February 2010 after the ehqatruaqe. It was a heart broken and enjoyable experience that I would love to continue doing. I am presentely living in Florida and I am planning to relocate to Haiti soon. I would like to know if Project Medishare does not have RN positions open for international applicants. Please let me know so I can forward my resume.Thank you,

The blog is a fantastic idea. I am sure that we will all benefit from the opportunity to share our thoughts and impressions regarding the current literature.
keep the good work, Sachin and Christina.....

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