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Veli Bakalov, MD

Graduate Researcher

After graduation from medical school, Veli joined the Department of Critical Care Medicine as a Research Fellow in 2013. With his primary mentor, A. Murat Kaynar, his main focus is the resolution phase of inflammation after sepsis. Veli is using both mice and Drosophila models to study surviving sepsis with a focus on metabolism and matrix metalloproteinases. Veli was instrumental in developing a novel model of sepsis in Drosophila, which easily lets researchers explore inflammation, functional impairment, metabolic derangements, and lifespan in the recovery phase of sepsis.

In addition to his primary research, Veli volunteers in a free clinic in the underserved area of Pittsburgh. He recently initiated a local research study of the impact of Affordable Care Act on uninsured population in the Allegheny County.

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